About Us

Serendipities is run by a husband-wife team in Northern Virginia!

About Alexandra Nic Bhé Chuille: Alexandra is a multi-trad polytheist pagan (Norse-Gaelic and Kemetic), and a modern urban hedgewitch. She has been a practicing pagan and witch for over a decade, though her path wandered through various traditions before settling down into its current form about five years ago. Alexandra is a spiritworker who has a close relationship with the Fair Folk.  She serves a Fairy Queen she calls Starflower, who is the daughter of Bé Chuille, a sorceress of the Tuatha Dé Dannan (whence the matronymic Alexandra uses as her craft surname!).  Alexandra also has a number of other allies that assist her in her intuitive spiritual healing work.  The foundation of that healing practice is her training and certification as an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, through a lineage that stems from William Lee Rand. Another focus of her craft is divination.  Alexandra specializes in cartomancy of varying types (tarot, lenormand, and oracle cards) and is working on developing her own oracle deck.  She also divines with Elder Futhark runes, and is currently studying ogham.  Alexandra also currently serves as an oracular priestess-initiate of Bast and Sekhmet, and performs an oracular ritual each full moon.  She also designs most of the devotional jewelry and does most of the blogging around here!

About Scott O’Manannán:  Scott is a polytheist pagan who mostly works with Celtic deities, especially Manannán (who is his paternal ancestor), Cailleach, and Arianrhod.  He has been pagan for about five years now, and has been doing energy work about the same length of time.  Scott is a spiritworker as well, and has quite a few animal allies, and close relationships with elemental spirits, especially those of deep earth, lava, and crystals. His work with crystals sets the foundations for the programming of most of our jewelry.  The foundation of his healing practice is his training and certification as an Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, through a lineage that stems from William Lee Rand. His spirit allies, especially those of crystals, assist him in this work.  Scott is also working on developing his own lithomancy stone casting set, using crystal cabochons for divination.  His other main focus is on deepening his knowledge of spiritual defense and guardianship.  He often sets wards and stands as a sentinel, assisted by his wolf allies, during rituals, healing ceremonies, and other gatherings.

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