Divination Testimonials

“I’ve received two readings from Aleja. I like two get them every few months because it gives me some insight and clarity. Every reading I’ve received from her has been very thorough, detailed, truthful, and spot on. If you want to know anything a reading by her will help you get any kind of clarification you may need. Highly recommended.”️ ~ Carley

“The more I look at this reading, the more I find the ways in which it fits–and the more seriously I take its advice, both toward my Etsy shop and my “day job” career. Thank you for this insightful reading. Best I’ve had on Etsy to date, and I’ve ordered from several shops.” ~ Theresa Hart

“[Aleja] has fast delivery, and great digital presentation of the cards and the reading’s information. She offered the opportunity to draw a follow-up or clarification card, and communicated actively with me through the entire reading process. Also, she was spot-on about several things I’d noticed or been processing/working on in my own life and personal tarot card readings. I’d ask for a reading again, for sure!” ~ Leslie Stone, via Etsy

“High quality reading. It was very detailed and I felt she was knowledgeable about the cards in regards to my requests. She even offers different decks of your choosing, so that you may connect more deeply to them. I highly recommend her services if you are searching for tarot reading and divination.” ~ Belle, via Etsy