Crystal Healing

We use a huge variety of crystals to help enhance a healing, either by placing them near or on the client, giving them to the client to hold for a while, or by making a crystal grid to support the healing work we are doing.

Scott has a particular knack for talking to crystal elementals, and helping small stones reconnect to their source so that their healing properties are amplified.  While he has never met a crystal he didn’t like, his closest allies are smoky quartz, lava stone, hematite, bloodstone, rose quartz, pyrite, citrine, rutilated quartz, obsidian glass, garnet, and amethyst.  He also has close relationships with a variety of fossils, including shark teeth, “dragon eggs” (septarian nodules), ammonites, and petrified wood.

Aleja has a harder time talking to crystal elementals, and tends to use crystals intuitively based on what she can feel of their energy once Scott has reconnected them to their source.  She has also studied other people’s descriptions of the metaphysical properties of a wide variety of crystals, and uses that knowledge to help design the gemstone healing bracelets.