Soul Retrieval

In addition to reiki, we also offer Soul Retrieval healings, which we were both trained in by Monika Healing Coyote.  These are more targeted healings, aiming to return soul essence lost through traumas both major and minor, to help the energy bodies make way for the mind and physical body to heal themselves.

These sessions are also mostly done in person, although they can be offered as a Distance session via Skype or Google Hangouts if you would prefer.  Our current rates for this intense healing modality are $60 for a half hour session, plus travel fees if we come to you.  Our travel fee depends on how far away you are located. We are based in Reston, VA. At the moment, we are only available to travel in the evening or on weekends. If we come to you, we will need either a place to set up a 6 ft massage table, a place to set up a large zero gravity chair, or you need to have a comfortable chair to sit in where we can stand facing you, in front, to the sides, and from behind.

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