Spirit-Led Healing

We are normally guided by our deities and spirit allies when we do our healing work, and we try to reach out to the deities and/or spirit allies of our clients as well, so we prefer to know each client’s spiritual background and level of comfort with spirits before we begin.

Aleja has close relationships with several deities of healing, including Brigid and three children of Dian Cecht (Airmed, Miach, and Ochtriullach) among the Tuatha De Dannan, and Sekhmet in the Egyptian Pantheon.  She also occasionally works with Apollo, Kebechet, the Morrigna, and a variety of other deities who aren’t specifically known for healing but have skills that are useful depending on what is needed at the time.  Her close allies among  plant and animal spirits include Black Fir, Raspberry, Maple, a variety of Snakes, and a variety of Felines, especially solitary big cats.  As with this work in general, however, there are quite a few spirits who only show up from time to time as their particular brand of healing is needed. Aleja also often works in tandem with the Fairy Queen she calls Starflower and the beings of her court, as they have a particular focus on healing work in the Otherworlds and that energy can be harnessed and brought through for healing in this world as well.

Scott has close relationship with Brigid and sometimes works with Airmed, Miach, Ochtriullach, the Dagda, Manannan, Fand, the Cailleach, Arianrhod, and a variety of other deities depending on what is needed at the time.  He has many animal spirit allies, including Leatherback Turtle, Owl, Scorpion, Direwolves, Sharks, Spiders, and Hawks.  He also has many allies among the elementals, including Water Elementals, Lava Elementals, Elementals of various Crystals, and young earth elementals we call the Gem Seeds. 

While the work we do might be termed “shamanic” by others, we tend not to use the term for ourselves, for personal reasons.