Healing Testimonials

Healing Testimonials:

“I was fortunate to receive a joint treatment from Aleja and Scott for my first reiki healing. Before the healing took place, they thoroughly explained reiki to me, their process, and the necessary aftercare. They were very accommodating and agreed to meet at a mutually accessible location, a friend’s apartment, that was between their house and mine. They practice consent and asked permission to touch my head, hands, shoulders, etc. as they worked. I felt very comfortable during my healing. And after the healing was over, they provided an overview of the treatment and how I can continue to improve my energetic state. Overall, it was a very pleasant and insightful experience.” ~Angelica, of The Sacred Bones


Reiki Class Testimonials:

“The Serendipities Reiki I/II class was incredibly informative, and we received manuals for further, more in-depth reading after the class. Réaltán was patient with questions and provided clear, sensible answers. The attunement process was very gentle, as I was able to drive 45 minutes home shortly afterward. Aleja and Scott also helped me figure out who my reiki guides are through divination afterward for no extra charge. Speaking of cost, the class was very affordable for the quality of the instruction – much more so than I’ve seen anywhere else.” ~Angelica, of The Sacred Bones




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