Arts and Crafts and Execrations: Helping out a Friend

A few weeks ago a friend of mine (for the purposes of this post I’m going to call her “Phoebe”, though this is not her real name) asked my husband if I knew anything about strong banishments or curses.  She’d been plagued by terrifying nightmares, and she was afraid that she was once again under psychic attack by an abusive ex of hers, who happens to be a Santeria practitioner.  Phoebe had done banishments before, but so far they had all eroded in time, and had only barely managed to keep him away – her moving out of state had done more than anything else in that regard, as she only has a legal restraining order in the state in which he assaulted her.  Phoebe was afraid to sleep and more or less at her wit’s end, and she knows that I’ve banished nasty spirits before, so she thought she’d ask me about blocking out a bad person.

What we ended up doing had four major parts.  First, we made a banishing packet aimed at her ex.  Then, I spoke to a few Entities from the Santeria “pantheon”, and we lit candles for them.  Next, I facilitated a kemetic execration for her, drawing on my relationship with Bast and Sekhmet.  Finally, we put together a dream-ease spell jar and consecrated it to Phoebe’s protector, Brigid.  It was a bit eclectic, I know – but that did not seem to diminish the power of our spellwork.

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