Reiki Classes

Serendipities currently offers Reiki I, II, and III classes held in our home in Reston. These are scheduled on a yearly basis, or more frequently for any group of 3 or more students. Please email us to inquire about reiki classes!

Aleja also has a number of workshops she teaches at events in the regional community! She has previously presented at Hallowed Homecoming, NoVA Pagan Pride, Mystic South Conference, the Morrigan’s Call Retreat, and the now-defunct Witches’ Sabbat in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada. There is a partial list of these workshops, below.

Queen Under Mound, Queen Under Wave
This workshop is exploration of Fand, an Irish Goddess and Fairy Queen with whom I have a close relationship.  The workshop has three parts. The first is an overview of her lore and the roles she plays in myth, and some insight (via UPG) I have gained from my work with her.  The second two parts are both guided meditation pathworkings to meet her and ask a question.  The first is about balancing the roles they play in life, and second is an exploration of their own deep inner selves.  The aim is for attendees to both get to know Fand better, and also to gain insight in how to better find the center of their personal balance.

Na Morrigna: The Three Daughters of Ernmas
This workshop focuses on the three Daughters of Emmas who are most commonly referred to as Na Morrigna: Anu, Macha, and Babd. We will explore themes in their myths and their relationships to others among the Tuatha De Danann before covering ideas for modern devotion and what some have been experiencing as a call to battle in these tumultuous times. The second part of the workshop is a pathworking that allows the participants to ask questions of each of the sisters in turn and then ask guidance of all three sisters, together, in order to find their own ways through the dark half of the year, to emerge in a brighter future. The Morrigna are goddesses of sovereignty, prophecy, and war, and are often associated with death and shadow work.

Seeking the Daughters of Flidais
Flidais is a somewhat obscure Irish goddess, but most of her children are even more shrouded in mystery.  The sorceresses Be Chuille and Dinand have several appearances in lore, as do Fand and Li Ban, but Arden and Be Teite are named only briefly.  My workshop starts with an overview of what do know from lore about Flidais and her daughters.  We’ll build off of known lore into speculation, including possible name etymologies and family trees for this group of six goddesses.  Next, I share my own UPG and experiences working with these goddesses, and discuss ways to build relationships with obscure deities in general.  The third part of my workshop is a guided pathworking that leads participants to meet one (or more) of these goddesses in order to start a relationship and open the door for ongoing work.