Divination Services

At the moment we offer tarot, oracle card, lenormand, and rune readings via the Etsy Shop, but we can also do readings via paypal and email!  See available decks and spreads with pricing info, below.  We’re also open to some bartering or reduced rates for those in dire financial situations – just ask.  Normal turn times are three business days.  If you’re on the fence, why not check out some client testimonials? Or read more about what to expect when you purchase a reading.

Tarot and Oracle Intuitive Readings:
I create the spread based on your particular question.  These are delivered as a pdf with a write up and a high quality photo.  The price is $5/card.  Please specify whether you want 3 cards, 4-6 cards, 7-9 cards, or 10-12 cards for your question.  I can also do larger spreads but do reach out beforehand, as those may take me a week or more to complete.  These are available in any tarot or oracle deck, or ask for Dealer’s Choice and I’ll pick the deck that most wants to answer your question!

I can also do “cold” readings, where you don’t specify your question or give me any details (though if you have a specific one in mind, it’s a good idea to write it down, so it’s clear in your own head). If you have a choice between two things and still want a cold reading, you can give me two code words so I can more easily communicate which option the cards recommend, instead of using “#1” and “#2”. For example, for a situation involving two people, you could use their favorite color or first initial, or for a choice between two jobs, you could assign them colors based on company logos. These readings are a little more general in the beginning, but I’m happy to go deeper after the first pulls, with follow-up questions.

Tarot and Oracle Spreads: 
These are set spreads, with specific prices, available in any tarot or oracle deck, or ask for Dealer’s Choice and I’ll pick the deck that most wants to answer your question!

  1. Celtic Cross: a traditional overview spread (10 cards for $50)
  2. Career: guidance for making job changes or advancements (5 cards $25; 9 cards $45)
  3. Relationships: romantic or other relationships between 2 people (5 cards $25; 9 cards $45)
  4. Balanced Life: a look at different aspects of your life in the near future (7 cards $35)
  5. Year-at-a-glance: advice for the coming year (12 cards $60)
  6. Breakthrough: guidance to help you get out of a rut (4 cards $20; 6 cards $30)
  7. New Leaf: guidance for a new beginning in your life (12 cards $60)
  8. Spirit Identification: to help you identify a deity or spirit guide (10 cards $50)

Available Tarot and Oracle Decks:

Lenormand Readings:

Owing to the nature of Lenormand, I only offer a few a few spreads, but these spreads can be used to answer any type of question, though I find Lenormand particularly suited to answering mundane questions, or any question looking for a concrete, rather than abstract, answer.  As Lenormand cards are read in relationship to one another, even a few cards can give a rather detailed answer.  These are also delivered via email as a pdf with a high quality photo, and the Grand Tableau is given with a high res image as well, to allow the client to zoom in to see individual cards more clearly.  I only have three available Lenormand decks: Under the Roses, Blue Bird, and the Celtic Lenormand.

  • 2 Cards: $10. For a very simple question, or a yes/no.
  • 6 Cards: $30.  Elements of past/present/future or relationship or choice between two things or people.
  • 9 Cards: $45.  A full view of a situation, a person, or the near future.
  • Grand Tableau (all 36 cards): $75+.  This one starts at $75 for a basic overview that touches on the placement of cards in the spread, and a specific look at the cards surrounding your significator. It can, however, accommodate additional questions about many aspects of your life.  The spread is designed to show the near past, present, and near future, illuminating whatever the universe thinks is most important for you to know.  Additional questions will be answered by going into more depth about the relationships of the cards surrounding the main card (for example, the Fish for your financial situation, or the Cross for your spiritual path), similar to a 9-card spread.  Those will be an additional $25 each.  This spread takes at least a week for me to write up, or over an hour in person or via skype, but additional questions by email are welcome for the next 30 days. I’ll advise you of the additional fee, and those will be my usual 3 business day turn time.

Rune Readings:

These will be pulls, not full castings onto a cloth, and as such will primarily use intuition, instead of reversals or proximity to glean meaning.  I have three rune sets at the moment, one in stone, one on bones, and one on wood.  If you don’t specify which you would prefer, I’ll use wood.  I use the Elder Futhark of 24 runes, and I do pulls in sets of three, at a price of $5/rune.  These are also delivered via email as a pdf with a high quality photo.

Sliding Scale:
As with all of our offerings, if the fees listed above are a hardship for you, but you feel called to come to us for the service, let us know. Our fees have a sliding scale for those in need, and bartered time or skills are always an option. Reach out, and we’ll work something out.