Tarot Deck Review: Shapeshifter Tarot

Deck: Shapeshifter TarotPublisher: LlewellynWriter & Artist: DJ Conway, Sirona Knight & Lisa HuntOverall Rating: 6/10 Cardstock: It’s somewhat flimsy, but very springy to shuffle because of that, and the high gloss makes the cards slide against each other smoothly. It doesn’t have any nicked edges, but in the five years I’ve owned this deck it’s … More Tarot Deck Review: Shapeshifter Tarot


There are nearly as many approaches to shielding as there are paths in paganism and witchcraft. Some of the more popular include: Carrying objects or materials known to be protective (such as certain types of plants, certain crystals, hag stones, or iron) Using sigils or bind runes, inscribed either on yourself (in lotion, as a … More Shielding