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Our unique approach to intuitive spiritual healing is holistic in nature, seeking to help the whole being of the client come into alignment and balance, making deep healing possible.  To this end, we may ask our clients about many different aspects of their life, from physical health, to stress levels, to spiritual practices.  We often refer our clients to other practitioners for additional therapies, or if there is a need for medical or psychiatric care.  We are not medical doctors, psychotherapists, or lawyers, and as such we are not capable of giving advice better left to those professionals.  However, our spiritual healing can support and assist those who are already under the care of another professional.  It is our belief that modern medicine and alternative healing work best together, as part of a holistic plan for wellness.

The framework of our healing practice is Usui Reiki.  Both Scott and Aleja are Certified Reiki Master-Teachers, of a lineage stemming from William Lee Rand, and back to Master Usui himself, of course! Alongside that we use a number of other modalities on an intuitive basis, including Psychic Surgery, Spirit-led Healing, Soul Retrieval, and Crystal Healing.  We often work together on a client, complimenting each other as we move together to remove blockages and promote integration and wholeness.

Most of our sessions are in person, and our current rates are below.  We are also trained in Distance Reiki and can arrange healing sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts, if you would prefer. We are based in Reston, VA, and if you are nearby we can travel to you, schedules permitting, but will change a travel fee. Our travel fee depends on how far away you are located: usually about $5 per half hour of driving, each way.  At the moment, we are only available to travel in the evening or on weekends. If we come to you, we will need either a place to set up a 6 ft massage table, a place to set up a large zero gravity chair, or you need to have a comfortable chair to sit in where we can stand facing you, in front, to the sides, and from behind.

We provide the following types of sessions:

  • Short (10-15 min) session for grounding and energy balancing: $20  (only at events!)
  • 45 minute full session: $90
  • 30 minute distance session (via skype or google hangouts): $60
  • 30 minute follow-up session: $60


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