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Kemetic Bright Moon Omen 6/8

I was told to wait for the energy of the full moon to settle, this time. I was also given lenience, because I had an online conference I was attending over the weekend. But tonight I did my ritual in my new office. At an actual desk this time and with their actual shrine candles, but I still have not located the oil lamp because I’ve barely been able to do any unpacking in the last few weeks. (There’s a glimpse of why about to go up on my Patreon, lol.) I have been acquiring, purchasing, and commissioning some new shrine stuff and hopefully I’ll have that all in hand in time to show you for Wep Ronpet. But before I get too far ahead of myself, here’s this moon’s message from Bast and Sekhmet:

Conflicts divide your communities right now. You are inundated with pictures of faces. Faces wearing masks, distraught faces, angry faces. Things are being torn down, and that is good. But as difficult as this part is, building back up in the right way will be more difficult still. Sustained action is needed. Do not let the flames die out. Do not let them douse your flame. It burns strong in your hearts; kindle each other.

There is a wide gulf in the middle. It is called apathy. Apathy is a tool of isfet. Joy and anger both are tools of ma’at. Resist joyfully, resist angrily, resist hopefully. Be the light that illuminates words from behind, and casts them against the wall, larger than before. Beware those who would interrupt you or divert your attention. Stay focused on your goals.

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 5/7

I am still using my travel shrine: getting new furniture takes longer, in this time of corona, and my office-cum-ritual-space is still mostly a pile of boxes. I do have candles this time, though I have yet to located my oil lamp. Ah, well. The Eyes of Ra are patient with me, understanding of my circumstances. So long as I can find a way to deliver the message, they are contented. So, without further ado, here is this moon’s message, from Bast and Sekhmet:

We are past the tipping point, now, and some things have become unavoidable. No longer is the sandstorm just beginning, but neither is it beginning to calm. Use your resources carefully, so that you will have enough to outlast it. Think to the future, too: what seeds do you wish to plant, so that you may reap them in the future? Which new shoots will you tend, and which will you pull out? The work you do now is shaping the future, even if it feels too small to matter. What kind of future are you envisioning? But be flexible in your planning, as the path of the sandstorm into the future is still uncertain. Conflict lies ahead of you, especially if resources are not shared equitably. You are being divided, separated, but be careful to note where the lines are causing more harm than good. Find a shared tent in which to weather the storm; you cannot survive being swept up by the winds, alone.

The next full moon is June 5th. If you have any questions, or if you would like to request a personal message or heka for June, please email the shrine here. And if you are interested in supporting the shrine, I have a tip jar set up here. Thanks!

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 4/9

I did almost the full ritual this time, but with my travel shrine, in the new house, where what will become my ritual room and witchy office is still full of boxes and in disarray. (Check the Instagram for a sneak peek!) I’m just glad once again that my arrangement and oath allows for some leeway in both time and scope of the ritual. Hopefully I’ll be all set up by the next full moon! But here’s this moon’s omen from Bast and Sekhmet:

The most important thing right now is ma’at: balance, justice, correct order. You’re on the cusp of something new, but are currently in free fall, and you’ll need a plan to be able to land on your feet, twisting in the air like a cat. Many people are resisting change, refusing to engage with their own shadows and wounds, and that mindset will only make things worse. Let change flow around you like a river, let it take you where you need to be. Use this Pause to to delve deeper into yourself, and find what still needs healing. Honor what you find. Give those around you the space to do their own healing, and encouragement to begin. Be gentle with yourselves and one another. Practice generosity as much as you are able. Rest and prepare, because there will be more fighting to come.

As always, I hope that helps, and feel free to follow along on tumblr @eyesofra! I do a limited number of personal questions each time, and those can be submitted on tumblr or through the shrine email in advance of the next full moon. There’s also a kofi tip jar for those interested in donating to the upkeep of the shrine. Thanks and see you next month!

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 3/9

You may have noticed that last month is missing! Sorry to the folks who only follow here, I forgot to post something here. I did make a note on the tumblr e-shrine about having been out of the country and then feeling too ill and the incredible whirlwind of my mundane life. Long story short, I tried to do it late and kept being unable to, and when I went to apologize to Bast and Sekhmet and try to do it quickly when I didn’t really have the energy, they told me just to skip it for a month and to get well and organized, instead. So. I did that. And now we’re back on schedule!

Here’s this month’s oracular message from Bast and Sekhmet:

You may be frustrated with how some changes seem to be coming too fast, and others too slowly. Do not become upset – let all things come in their time. Never forget that we are with you. Remember who we are! Avengers, Protectors! Mistress of Unguents, Mistress of Plagues. Give offerings and ask for our intervention and aid and you shall have it! Prepare yourselves – more disruption is coming. A new dynasty is beginning to dawn.

A few notes for clarity’s sake:
1. “Unguents” are creams, lotions, salves, that sort of thing, especially when used for healing. This is an epithet of Bast.
2. “Mistress of Plagues” is an epithet of Sekhmet, and is a reference to her both as a bringer of plagues and as a goddess one could pray to if you want to be delivered from them.
3. I’m pretty sure those first two are referring to the coronavirus.
4. I’m not sure what they mean by “dynasty”. Something like “era” I think, but also with a connotation of someone new being in charge, either an individual or a group. I asked for clarification but they insisted I use the word “dynasty”. Unfortunately I think this is going to be one of those oracular things that makes a lot more sense in hindsight.

Next month’s Bright Moon Omen will be on or around 04/07/2020, so check back then! If you have a request for a personal message or heka working, please email that to the Shrine Email. And if you appreciate the work I do, please consider supporting the Shrine on Ko-Fi!

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 1/10

This moon cycle, like every one this Kemetic year, I did my oracular ritual for Bast and Sekhmet, and came back with a message:

The achievements you have made in your mundane world will not be fleeting, nor are they to be overlooked. You are building for the future, and you should turn your eyes towards sustainability. Show hospitality to those near you; strengthen your community ties. These ties will support you and your deeper work, and help it to flow continuously. Do not doubt the worthiness of the work you are doing. It is enough to keep doing; there is no need to seek absolute perfection. You must overcome your own dissatisfaction and discomfort, free yourself from self-imposed limitations, and keep building.

The bit about self-imposed limitations reminded me of John Beckett’s ritual to remove “curses we place on ourselves”. We can also ask our Ancestors for help seeing and untangling the threads of this sort of accidental magic.

The next Bright Moon is 2/9/2020.

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon (belated 12/12)

The Bright Moon was this past Thursday, and while I managed to take the omen and write it down on Friday, I did not manage to get back to it and publish it until now, due to a combination of spoon levels and being out of town all weekend. I did not have a spare moment long enough for me to properly get into the headspace required to take individual questions, so I will try to do those today and tomorrow. I am sorry, and in the future I will try to get things done earlier instead. With that preamble, here is the omen from Bast and Sekhmet:

You’ve felt the the seeds of new workings stirring within you, but as of yet you haven’t actually begun. Now it’s time. Begin! Act Boldly, and act not despite the shadow but with it. Know yourself deeply, and engage deeply with the teachings of your path or tradition. If you can do that, you will avoid the snares of self sabotage. Free yourself from self-imposed limitations, and rejoice in your power!

Good luck everyone! Next month’s Bright Moon Omen will be on or around 1/10/2020, so check back then! If you have a request for a personal message or heka working, please email that to the Shrine Email. And if you appreciate the work I do, please consider supporting the Shrine on Ko-Fi!

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 11/12

This month, as in most months, I have completed my oracular ritual to Bast and Sekhmet, and have returned with a message. Their message is this:

To create the changes you seek, you must be willing to build. Do not expect the changes to come all at once just because you’ve told yourself you are ready for them. You’re laying the foundations of your own pyramids. Work alongside your allies. Work slowly, to make sure each brick is in its proper place, and use the strength you’ve been gaining. Working together on disparate parts at the same time will allow you to build faster and with more stability, so that the monument lasts. Different paths are working from different places, but it is all coming into parallel function. Resolve any lingering conflicts between you so you can more easily work alongside one another. Others are watching, still learning. They’ll do their own work when they’re ready. Just keep building, and do not resist the small changes as they come. Small changes pave the way for large ones. Do not despair at the time this is taking. When your fire burns low and goes out, fan the flames. The embers will flare and catch on new fuel.

Good luck everyone! Next month’s Bright Moon Omen will be on or around 12/12, so check back then! If you have a request for a personal message or heka working, please email that to the Shrine Email. And if you appreciate the work I do, please consider supporting the Shrine on Ko-Fi!

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 10/13

Slightly delayed this month, sorry. Apparently I’m highly allergic to some kind of plant pollen I encountered on Saturday. Earlier today I finally managed to do my ritual, and here is this moon’s message from Bast and Sekhmet:

Pay attention to the edges. To your boundaries, to political borders, to people at the margins. Defend and strengthen those boundary areas. In doing so, stay true to your own ethics; follow your heart’s pathway through ma’at. You may be tempted to take a short cut, and to choose the way that seems quickest and easiest, but that will not give you the best outcome. You feel frayed but you are not broken; you are much stronger than you believe. There will be more conflict along the way, more obstacles to surmount, but you can trust your inner resilience and knowledge to guide you. Reject the negative structures that bind you; claim your personal power and move forward.

The next Bright Moon is 11/12/19, so check back then! If you have a question you’d like me to ask Bast and Sekhmet, I take a limited number of personal requests each month. Send them via email ( AT gmail DOT com). If you’d like to support the work I do and the shrine upkeep, you can do so on Ko-fi. Thanks for reading!

Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 9/14

I’m still just completely in love with my new oil lamp, because I really feel like I get deeper into trance with the larger flame. That, combined with a few other small tweaks to my ritual, seem to be making the entire process easier for me, and I’m excited to see how this (Kemetic) year plays out. But without further ado, here’s this month’s message from Bast and Sekhmet!

As you embark on this new stage of your journey, you need to pay attention and keep your footing so you do not stumble and fall. There is chaos around you and behind you, but do not turn your head to look at battles that are not your own – their smoke will dissipate before it reaches you. We stand guard beside you. Gather your power and reach for your goals. Join in striving with others – you are brighter and stronger together. There is strength to be found in the shape of the Great Pyramid, and you will build your own monuments if you take the time to plan them properly. Keep the flame in your chest brightly burning! Indulge your passions and they will keep you warm.

I hope that helps, dear readers, and I hope you all manage to follow the advice as best you can. The next Bright Moon is October 13th!

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Bright Moon, Kemetic

Kemetic Bright Moon 8/15

I had some difficulties setting up the new oil lamp – the first attempted wick did not work as planned, but once I finally got it right and settled in, I felt their presence wash over me, their vessel. “Welcome back, child,” they greeted me, in reference to the renewal of my contract, completed as per my usual in a sacred bath.

Their message for us all on this, the first Bright Moon of the New Kemetic Year, is as follows:

You are free to abandon projects from last year that did not bear fruit. Try a new way, or try something completely new. But fore-planning will save you much grief.
We Lionesses walk beside you, and even the Snake of Isfet fears our teeth, but A/p/e/p must be destroyed every year, every month, every day. Be guided by ma’at. Return to it in times of confusion and let it guide your actions. Start first by bringing your private life into balance with ma’at. Wepwawet is opening the ways for greater actions to come.

Left: Swirly bath bomb suds. I think this was a Tadaima Okaeri, from Lush?
Right: My new oil lamp!!! With braided cotton wick. This was right as it started up, before I used fire scrying as my entryway to possessory trance.

Next Kemetic Bright Moon Ritual is: 9/ 14.

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