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Our First Reiki Class!

This past Saturday, I (with help and support from Glasreo) led my first reiki class!  It was a mixed class, I’s and II’s, with a few other Reiki Masters sitting in and helping explain concepts through their own experiences.  Everyone there was a friend of mine – most were also students of my own teacher, but for various reasons no longer wished to attend her classes.  It was good to have a group of friends, because I felt more secure in my ability to teach a class, knowing that I had a safety net!

I started off at the very, very beginning for the Reiki I student (there was just one!) with “What is reiki?”, and gradually moved forward into the history of reiki, reiki concepts, and reiki techniques.  I gave everyone an outline so they could follow along, and the Reiki I student also has William Lee Rand’s manual for further study.

Then I did the attunements!  The Reiki I student’s attunement is the first full reiki attunement I’ve ever done.  I’ve done healing attunements, and I’ve attuned objects, but that student is my first full attunement – and it went very well.  I’ve been in contact with the student for the past few days, and it sounds like the detox process hit but isn’t too bad – and I’m sure the student will manage it pretty well, with lots of fluids and rest and self-care.

I also did the Reiki II attunements at that time, on the other two students, and it was interesting for me to see how different their pre-existing connections to the reiki energies made the attunement process!  It seemed to go well, however, and I’ve been in contact with both students.  They got sent home with homework to try distance reiki on someone they knew, and I haven’t heard back yet, but I can’t imagine they’ll have any problems.

After the attunements we started in on the Reiki II class session, starting with the symbols, and then discussing more advanced reiki techniques.  Afterwards, one of the other reiki masters set up a traveling table (since Glasreo and I have not yet purchased one), and we did a few short reiki sessions on willing participants, before finishing up and having dinner.

It was a very long, productive day, but I am very glad it happened, and I’m looking forward to teaching more reiki again soon!


Reiki Master Attunements!

My husband and I have achieved one of our major milestones in this endeavor: taking the final Reiki class and getting our Reiki Master attunements!  Thanks to Caryn MacLuan of CedarLight Grove, we are now fully attuned, and ready to move beyond our circles of friends and family and reiki shares – to actual offer treatments to those seeking help.  Unfortunately, we do not yet have a travel massage table of our own, but hopefully we’ll have one before next summer.  In the mean time, we may offer treatments at places that already have tables, or do short treatments on people as they sit in chairs.  We’ll see.

We still need to practice passing attunements (we plan to start with our pet snake once we’ve gotten the hang of it) and then perhaps we’ll teach classes of our own sometime down the road.  For now, we still have a lot of learning to do!  (Is one ever truly done learning, after all?)

In addition to the Reiki Master attunement, Caryn passed along a Rune Valdr attunement, giving us more symbols and spirits to work with.  If you’re interested in Rune Valdr, you can read about it here, but we strongly suggest you find someone attuned in it to attune you before you attempt to use the symbols in your healing practice.

Sorry for a short post, but between moving and being in a near-miss car accident, many of our plans are slightly on hold, waiting for our lives to reach equilibrium again.

Bright Blessings!